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Client: Kathryn Posselt


Creative direction: L. Pulford (BrightBox Designs)

Designer: L. Pulford

Moulin De La Fosse website responsive view


Moulin De La Fosse Gîtes is a property located on the Boutonne River in the Charente Maritime region of France and is owned by a couple from Ferndown, Dorset. The property has 2 gîtes – holiday cottages –  which are available to book as accomodation if you are ever on holiday in the Charente Maritime region.


BrightBox Designs was approached by the owners and asked to set up an informative website about Moulin De La Fosse Gîtes. Some of the information included things one can do at the Mill, by the River Boutonne and also describes the local area in detail, along with the closest towns/cities. The website is fully-functional to take online bookings, featuring an online booking form function and a secure payment gateway.

We were also tasked with the designing of the business’s logo for the mill, which helped to develop the overall branding of Moulin De La Fosse Gîtes.

Moulin De La Fosse tablet view


Moulin De La Fosse Logo

We were sent a selection of photos of the Mill, including a specific shot of the mill’s wheel, which is housed inside the main building. This image became the leading inspiration of the logo design. The wheel itself – irregular and rustic – gave a good impression of the character of the old Mill.

We set to work drawing the concepts and  re-creating the mill wheel was an enjoyable task (making odd-sized planks and intricate bolts for the metal rings in the wheel).

On revealing the finished concepts of the logo design, Kathryn replied with this response:

“We really like the first one. Love the wheel, it’s perfect (especially as it’s like ours, missing it’s paddles and a few spokes), love the font and the French touch with the curly bits. Well done, you have nailed it!”


Moulin De La Fosse homepage

Although we had designed a rustic logo to reflect the character of the mill, the interior to the property is quite modern. Therefore, we decided to take a minimalist approach to the design of the website, giving it a stylish finish, along with rustic typography to highlight the character of the property.

The online booking system for the website is a great piece of outsourced software. It was able to respond to all of the customisations that the Moulin De La Fosse Gîtes site would need. This meant that we were able to set the booking in/booking out dates, seasonal rates, damage deposits and part payments. The booking forms are clean and the final transactions are performed on a secure gateway.

For the payment gateway we had to find the right platform to integrate with the booking system. This was achieved by doing a large amount of research first, in order to find the best possible solutions. We then tested the payment gateway platform in a controlled environment and then a live transaction environment.



Searching for a website designer with fresh ideas and that would really understand the feel and style we wanted was foremost in our minds. We got all this and more with Louis. He has created us a website that is not only visually pleasing and enticing, but is also easy to navigate, which is highly important for our guests booking accommodation online. Louis also designed our logo which we loved instantly and captures the essence of Moulin de la Fosse. Thank you Louis for all your hard work and creativity.

Kathryn Posselt

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