New Forest Tree Of Life

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Client: Claire Brooks


Creative direction: L. Pulford (BrightBox Designs)

Designer: L. Pulford

First Class Kitchens


New Forest Tree Of Life is a gift shop and well being centre based in Ferndown. The shop also has rooms for rent for therapies such as reiki, psychic readings, tarot readings and Animal healing.


After an initial meeting with New Forest Tree Of Life owner Claire, we were shown a metal wire symbol of a tree of life. Claire was very fond of this symbol and wanted to base her logo on it. After taking a couple of photos of the symbol we set to work.

Claire asked for a spiritual feel to the logo and use of an organic, natural typography.

The logo has been used for the shop frontage, stationery and has been placed onto products in the shop.

Visit the New Forest Tree Of Life on Victoria Road Ferndown.