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Client: Oliver Hare, Adrian Hare


Creative direction: L. Pulford (BrightBox Designs)

Designer: L. Pulford

1st Air Conditioning Ltd website display


1st Air Conditioning Ltd is a brand new Bournemouth-based air conditioning company that operates across the South Coast and up into the Home Counties. The company specialises in air-conditioning unit installations, either in homes or the workplace and also cover service/maintenance and repairs of pre-existing units.


BrightBox Designs created a logo and a website for 1st Air Conditioning Ltd. On completion of the logo, and after further correspondence between BrightBox Designs and 1st Air Con Ltd, it was decided that BrightBox would design and create the stationery and quotation forms for 1st Air Conditioning Ltd to send out to their clients.

After completion of this part of the project, Adrian Hare said, “[It is] probably the best Terms & Conditions I have ever seen”.

The project grew in size from the outset, becoming an evolving and rewarding work of creativity.


1st Air Conditioning logo

At the first meeting, we sat down together and spent some time talking about the company and the industry. It was explained by the client that most people think of air-conditioning as a way to cool down a heated room; however, air-conditioning is  used to heat cold environments too. During the meeting the client illustrated that air-conditioning is carbon neutral and a good source of green energy.

The design of the logo, therefore, had to use all the factors spoken about in the meeting. In this light, we created an abstract image of a fan, which is split into 2 colours, yellow and blue, to represent the temperature coverage of an air-conditioning unit. Then, we created a small airflow symbol within the logo and coloured it green to represent the carbon neutral green energy theme that the client wanted to emphasise.


1st Air Conditioning Ltd homepage

The 1st Air Conditioning Ltd website had one overall theme: to highlight the prices of their products to prospective customers. Oliver was keen for the website to be easy to navigate for all kinds of internet users, he didn’t want visitors to land on an ambiguous homepage and need to search for the information they required. After that, the design of the website was completely left to BrighBox Designs. We immediately got to work building the pages in the style of a modern, upmarket business. Our approach throughout was to keep it simple and create impact through the use of bold images that express the nature of air-conditioning and the company’s philosophy.

A defining feature of the website is a calculation system. Visitors can use a particular page to calculate the size of their room, which will give the customer the estimated size size of air-conditioning unit he or she may need. This final calculation can then be sent to the 1st Air Conditioning Ltd, where they can then follow up on the enquiry directly with the potential customer.

1st Air Conditioning Ltd price calculator-page


Once the creation of the logo and website had been completed, the job then evolved into a more of creative venture. We were asked to create a set of stationery for 1st Air Conditioning Ltd, which included business cards, letter heads, compliment slips and quotation forms. The assignment of branding and designing all of their quotation forms, in particular, was to give 1st Air Conditioning Ltd a professional lift from the previous stationery. Our approach was to use vivid and solid branding techniques to ensure 1st Air Conditioning Ltd will stand out in a competitive market. We understand at BrightBox Designs that visual appearance is huge part of how your potential customers make their choices.

1st Air Con Service And Maintenance Quotation Cover
1st Air Con Service And Maintenance Quotation Introduction page
1st Air Con Service And Maintenance Quotation Engineer Rates
1st Air Con Service And Maintenance Quotation T&Cs


BrightBox are an excellent company with innovative ideas and an excellent approach to customer service. They not only delivered on design but also on time. In addition they helped us solve related problems that weren’t really within their brief. In summary a company that finds a way to say ‘yes’.

Adrian Hare

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